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Goals of the “WAG Firsts” Project:

  • To develop a comprehensive list of FIG named elements (past & present) and true “firsts” in women’s gymnastics.
  • To likewise develop a list of firsts and innovations in the connection/combination of skills.
  • To document named skills unique to the USAG J.O. Code
  • To provide as much video documentation as possible for all of the above.
  • To analyze the Code over time in regards to naming of skills, evaluation of difficulty, encouragement of innovation, etc.
  • To be determined…


Project History

Several discussions on the International Gymnast Forums (IGF) in late 2010 inspired this project initially. As was noted at the time, “The COP obviously does a crap job of including ‘named after’ info on skills.” I wondered if there was an online source where a “master” list could be found (there wasn’t), and proposed the idea of developing one as a “group project.” I began compiling information from various sources…abandoned the project for a while…and returned to it in the fall of 2011. As is obvious in the stated goals above, the dimensions of the WAG Firsts project have (naturally) expanded over time…


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