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The FIG and Naming/Crediting of Skills: The Rules…the Translation


From FIG’s 2009-2012 WAG Code of Points, p. 14-15:

5.6 Recognition of New Vaults and Elements

The coach and gymnasts are encouraged to submit new vaults and elements that have not yet been performed and/or do not yet appear in the Table of Elements to the WTC by electronic mail, facsimile or post at any time during the year.

  • In principle, only those elements which have performed will appear in the Code of Points.
  • In order to be recognized as a new element, the element must be successfully performed (without a fall) for the first time at an FIG Official Competition:
    • World Championships
    • Olympic Games
  • No element will be named if there is more than one gymnast who has performed it for the first time. The element must be minimum “C” difficulty.
  • The new elements must be presented no later than the day and hour, as stipulated in the Work Plan. The request for evaluation must be accompanied with technical drawings and figures, as well as with a DVD.
  • The FIG/WTC will evaluate concerning:
    • Difficulty Value of new vaults (vault group and number)
    • Difficulty Value of new elements
  • The evaluation may be different in comparison to the value received at competitions other than Official FIG Competitions.
  • The decision will then be communicated as soon as possible in writing to the
    • Concerned federation and
    • Judges at the Judges’ Review Session (Instruction) or Judges’ Briefing before the respective competition.
  • New vaults and elements may be submitted at all other International Competitions to the technical director and/or FIG Technical Representative. The evaluation and decision takes place in the technical discussions prior to the respective competition.
    • The decisions have validity only at that respective competition; however these should be forwarded by the technical delegate to the President of the WTC for review by the WTC at the next subsequent meeting of the WTC. Such new elements, etc. will appear for the first time in the Code Update, only when they have been submitted, confirmed and also performed at an Official FIG Competition.

5.7 FIG Code Updates

After the Official FIG Competitions the FIG/WTC publishes a Code Update which includes

  • all new elements and variations with a number and illustration.

The Code Update will be sent by the FIG Secretary General to all affiliated federations, including the effective date, from which time it is valid for all further FIG competitions.


Present procedure to get a skill/vault named after you:

  1. Must be Submitted to the WTC prior to an eligible competition — i.e., the paperwork.
    • Current eligible competitions are World Championships, Olympic Games, or Youth Olympic Games. The World Cup final, last held in 2006, was also on the list prior to its cancellation.
  2. The skill/vault will be evaluated and (if approved) given a preliminary SV/DV and Vault/Element #.
  3. The skill must be given a DV of “C” or above. (Is there a minimum SV for new vaults?)
    • It also must actually be a “new” element (as determined by the WTC), as opposed to a “variation” of a skill already existing in the COP.*
  4. Must be the only person to submit AND successfully perform the skill at the given competition.

*A few recent examples of skills determined to be “variations”:

  • Gardiner’s Aerial cartwheel w. change of legs (2010 YOG)
    • Was judged to not be sufficiently different from a ‘regular’ aerial cartwheel. Thus, beam element #5.409 now reads: “Free (aerial) cartwheel – landing in cross or side position on one or both feet, also with leg change,” but Gardiner is not included on the most recent List of Named Elements (updated in Dec. 2011).
  • Huang’s ”Endo-Ono” – Stalder fwd in L grip w. 1/1 turn initiated on 1 arm before hstd (2010 Worlds)
    • Was determined to be a different “technique,” not a different skill. Thus, bars element #4.503 now reads: “Stalder fwd in L grip w. 1/1 turn to hstd (any technique accepted),” and Huang is not included on the most recent List of Named Elements.

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