Named (and other) Skills


The primary goal of WAG Firsts is to develop a comprehensive list of FIG named elements (past & present) and known “firsts” in women’s gymnastics. Skills on this list generally fall into 4 categories:

  • Named (presently or previously) for athlete who originated skill
  • Named (presently or previously) for athlete who first competed at major competition (e.g., Worlds, Olympics), but originated by someone else
  • Competed but never named for any athlete
  • The “mis-named”…

As to “presently or previously,” names may be removed from the COP for several reasons, including:

  • Evolution of the sport and the COP
    • Skill is removed from code
    • Technical requirements for skill are changed and/or it is no longer considered sufficiently distinct from similar skills
  • Whims of the FIG/WTC – Truly, in this and other respects, one never really knows why the PTB (Powers That Be) do what they do.

In light of all of the above, entries on the list are formatted as follows:

*Gymnast/s, Year & Competition if known (bolded if named for gymnast at some point)
Skill name/description — DV (Table of Elements #) [IF in current COP]
Notes if applicable

*Starred entries (still) credited to athlete in current COP.

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